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Top Eight Best Poker Rooms in Miami

Across the USA, state laws and regulations for poker rooms and gambling establishments differ, depending on a particular state. This is precisely why all major poker tournaments tend to be placed in Las Vegas. The laws of Nevada are gamble-friendly, per se. Back in the 1990s, when full-fledged gambling in land-based casinos was prohibited, gaming destinations suffered. Luckily, Native American tribes stepped in and took casino gambling to the next level — this move allowed card rooms to expand and blossom there.

Naturally, one of the most popular sections in every casino are poker rooms, of course. Since the dawn of time, humankind always had some kind of entertaining and profitable way to gain valuable assets. Once the table games premiered, with poker being the shiniest star, poker tournaments became a thing of prestige in the gambling communities across the globe.

Apart from Vegas casinos, we also have Atlantic City which has the second-best gambling establishments; not just in the States, but for the rest of the world as well. Likewise, poker players tend to choose Texas Hold’Em over other poker variants, as can be seen from the number of games being played. Nevertheless, Seven or Five Card Stud, Omaha Hi-Lo, and lowball poker games all have their fair share of fans.

Ok, Las Vegas is a well-known gambling destination, so is Atlantic City, but let’s say you are a high-rolling gambler in search of the best poker room in Miami; where to look? Some of these can be found within the recently opened casinos, while the others can be found in casinos that have a fairly long reputation — with some of the best poker tables we have come across. Check out our poker room review for this tropical gambling paradise, and take a look at our top eight best poker rooms in Miami!

1. Magic City Casino

As the casino’s motto claims — the poker tables are hot! Well, when you take a closer look at the climate in South Florida, we understand why. Jokes aside, Magic City Casino was one the first to incorporate Vegas-style slots. Consequently, this casino’s gaming space looks more than tempting.

Once you walk in here, you can choose more than 800 different slot machines, entertainment lineups and, most importantly, hot poker rooms to play No-Limit Texas Hold’Em or pot limit Omaha. If you enjoy participating in poker tournaments, this casino hosts them quite often. Also, the top-rated, fastest growing game—Jai Alai—found its place at this casino as well.

Naturally, after a few games, you will start feeling hungry. Well, while you’re at the Magic City Casino, hunger will not be a problem. You have a selection of many different dining options offering tasty food, both traditional and experimental. Other than the exceptional wine and dine section, Magic City Casino brings some amazing entertainers as part of their evening schedule.

2. Hialeah Park

This casino is one of the most elegant we’ve encountered thus far. It possesses the classy charm of sixteenth-century French Mediterranean. Hialeah Park was established more than ninety years ago and has a long tradition. 200 acres of beautiful landscape and the exquisite baroque architecture make this casino a true Miami gem.

Gamblers refer to it as the world’s best race course. In fact, horse racing is Hialeah‘s main thing.  Yet, we’re here because of cash games, aren’t we? Well, Hialeah owns more than 800 slots and over 30 poker rooms, with a luxury hotel you can stay in.

There are romantic venues for weddings, and the locals really love saying the fateful “YES” inside this establishment. If you feel the need for shopping, the casino management offers an outlet shopping village. If you feel the need to watch a movie — fear not! There is a movie theater you can also check out.

3. Casino Miami

Once you land at the Miami International Airport, Casino Miami is just 2.6 miles away. We simply had to mention this interesting trivia in our Miami poker room review. According to this casino’s motto, this is the place where Miami comes to play. This house offers a fantastic 40,000 square feet of gaming space, with more than 1000 Vegas-style slot machines and completely electronic table games, with Blackjack and Roulette being the highlights of the casino.

Casino Miami poker rooms are exquisite and viral among guests. Speaking about viral games, there is also live Jai-Alai gaming and betting, making the hot climate even warmer. At the Club Rio, you can relax and have the time of your life while listening to live entertainment performances.

4. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

If you are among our young and wild gamblers, this casino is the best choice for you. It is the ultimate place to have fun and hopefully, win some prizes in Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s best poker rooms!

This establishment won a AAA Four-Diamond award for their restaurants and hotel service and features. In addition, there is a beach club, with many wild parties.

Seminole offers over 100 table games and over 2,000 slot machines at the heart of their gaming space. If you get tired, simply rest in one of the casino’s 469 luxury rooms and guest suites.

5. Calder Casino

This fine establishment has three things to offer to its guests — gaming, dining, and 24/7 entertainment. Calder Casino is sports-like, with an excellent choice of gambling activities. You can try your luck at the card tables, or sit quietly at the slot machines and spin the reels.

As far as this poker room review goes, we would highly recommend this one to any sports-design enthusiast.

6. The Casino @ Dania Beach

With regular promotions and amazing nightlife, this casino is one of the most fascinating ones in our poker room review. The restaurant gives free brunch around the holidays, the casino offers $5,000 promotions weekly, and the musicians keep the atmosphere alive!

Naturally, they have the best poker rooms your heart can desire; slot machines and Jai-Alai live bets follow suit. The dining options are great too, but the best thing about this whole experience? You gambling, and doing so on the beach! Who could resist that, honestly?

7. Miccosukee Resort & Gaming

The ratio between the price of the service and the service you get here are incredible. You will get WiFi, free parking, a pool, a spa center, beautiful venues, and of course — poker rooms! This resort is charming, cozy, peaceful, and quiet if you need it to be so, or fun and loud if you’re more into the Vegas-like experience.

Rooms have one or two king size beds, and if you order breakfast here, you will enjoy it immensely, since the food is so excellent. This resort is incredibly modern, with a large lobby and extremely polite staff.

8. The Big Easy Casino (Formerly Mardi Gra Casino)

The Big Easy Casino is very proud of their slots selection, greyhound racing, and above all, card tables.

If you like New Orleans-old-school-themed places—as the name suggests—then this one is for you.

Hosting over 700 slots, 30 poker tables, and an extraordinary number of video poker games in the whole of South Florida, we proclaim this casino the best one, if you intend to gamble for huge winnings, that is.

Hot Like Hell, But Feels Like Paradise — Miami Baby!

For poker players who enjoy a good match, and competing with each other instead of trying to beat the house—like in games such as Baccarat or Blackjack—Miami poker rooms can provide that extra kick. Casinos in Las Vegas try competing by hosting one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world, the famous WSOP. During summer, Sin City is fairly crowded thanks to this event. But, sometimes, the Vegas experience is just not as appealing anymore.

If you head to Miami, pay close attention to our poker rooms review, and an enjoyable stay is guaranteed. You will be surprised just how good Florida’s poker room offers can be. For instance, you can switch Texas Hold’Em to Miami Heat if you get bored of the same old, same old. Whatever the case, we wish you a safe trip and all the luck in the world both in these and all the other poker rooms.

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